12 Designs in 12 Months

Every year, I make a to-do list of my goals for the year.  “Go to the Dentist,” and “Eat more fiber,” are examples that have graced my to-do list for the last four years. However, this year my list was as stark as the north of Westeros. My only goal for 2017 was to create…

Brian’s Games of 2016

So for me 2016 was all about jumping in on the other side of the fence and helping with making games here at Ironmark rather then just playing them.  Fortunately, an off hand comment about how great the American Revolution would be as a theme for a mega-game turned into an all consuming highlight of…

Elise’s Games of 2016

My gaming style is lighter than my colleagues. While I appreciate a five hour Euro, the advent of lighter yet still stimulating games has held my attention lately. I appreciate components and artwork, delighting in them for much longer than is normal. Take that information to heart when you read my favorite gaming selections for…

Stefan’s Games of 2016

This year has been good to games. And not just board games either. We’ve seen a rise in unique gaming experiences across all types of gaming and it’s refreshing to see games that haven’t stagnated it a pool of its own expectations.

Expanding on History – England

Today’s post will cover the British during the war, arguably a subject most of us here in America know nothing about. The focus of much of our learning about the war is on how we as a country won our independence, with little study of the events going on in the rest of the world.