A New Megagame Coming This Fall!

MG Image

We are excited to announce a new game also set to be played this fall – The World Turned Upside Down: An American Revolution Megagame!

Long Island will be our backdrop for our 2nd megagame, and we’ll be taking players back to the earliest days of America. In this classic Red v. Blue battle, players will side with either the Loyalist to the Crown of Great Britain or with the Patriotic Colonies of the Americas.

We’re trying some crazy stuff out with this brand new megagame, including:

  • Historically driven game mechanics
  • Dynamic player roles
  • Variable team sizes
  • A Resistance-style game module with hidden turncoats.

The comments and critiques from our first megagame, Contact Light, have been invaluable to us. We’ve done our best to build this game from the ground up with your feedback in mind and we think we’ve made something pretty exciting.

We’ll be playtesting the game through the rest of the summer so if you’d like to get a sneak peek at the game join our Meetup, where we do monthly playtests.


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