International Tabletop Day


It’s time to celebrate our favorite made-up holiday, International Tabletop Day! This year we decided to do something outside the usual and host a much larger event open to the public. First, the when and where:

Saturday, April 11, 2015
11am – 9pm

First Presbyterian Church of Smithtown
175 East Main St.
Smithtown, NY 11787

The event is in the Parish Hall of the church — we’ll have trails of signs running from every entrance, so just follow those when you get inside.

The bulk of the day will of course be dedicated to copious amounts of board gaming. On top of that we also have a few other things scheduled for anyone who wants to participate.

First and foremost we are holding a San Ni Ichi tournament to show off and promote the game. It’ll be at 3pm, and players will be divided into pods of 5-6 players, each of which will then play several rounds. Scoring will be done using the in-game mechanics and prizes will be awarded to the players with the best score.

We will also have a playtest of Stefan’s megagame, which benefits from having a large group like this. It will be held at at different times throughout the day and we ask that those interested sign up here to aid in planning.

And finally, there will be two other prototypes (one early, one polished) being playtested throughout the day — Project Dragonride and Project Academy.

Regarding food: we will be providing both snacks and homemade food, and everyone is encouraged to contribute in this regard. There are also a number of food places within walking distance as well as plenty of options for delivery.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us

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