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12 Designs in 12 Months

Every year, I make a to-do list of my goals for the year.  “Go to the Dentist,” and “Eat more fiber,” are examples that have graced my to-do list for the last four years. However, this year my list was as stark as the north of Westeros. My only goal for 2017 was to create…

Elise’s Games of 2016

My gaming style is lighter than my colleagues. While I appreciate a five hour Euro, the advent of lighter yet still stimulating games has held my attention lately. I appreciate components and artwork, delighting in them for much longer than is normal. Take that information to heart when you read my favorite gaming selections for…

19: Mods & Made Up Rules

We can’t leave well enough alone with any of our games. So we’re talking about our favorite house rules and game mods. Special Guest Mike Gutman discusses his mod for the Star Trek Deck Building game.

17: Decks & Dominance

It’s favorite mechanism time! This week our favorite game mechanism is Deck Building. The crew is joined by Mike Gutman to discuss what makes deck builders so fun. And as always we close with our Plays of the Week! Subscribe to the podcast here!