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The World Turned Upside Down Megagame

Tickets now available! https://twtud.eventbrite.com In The World Turned Upside Down players will take on influential roles within the American Revolution. Teams will either control colonies looking to preserve their way of life or join the British forces to stop the American uprising.  Players will represent famous figures such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Charles Cornwallis and…

Expanding on History – England

Today’s post will cover the British during the war, arguably a subject most of us here in America know nothing about. The focus of much of our learning about the war is on how we as a country won our independence, with little study of the events going on in the rest of the world.

Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos

The first ever Wide Area Megagame (WAM) – will take place on July 1st, 2017   UPDATE: Tickets are on sale now! Ironmark Games, in collaboration with Megagame Makers, is excited to host the New York location of the first ever Wide Area Megagame.

Playtest Saturday – Megagame Edition

It’s like regular Saturday Games but with megagames! We’ll be running a large scale playtest of our megagame, The World Turned Upside Down! Megagame playtesting will be from 4pm-6pm with some time afterward for a debrief. There will still be regular board games being played so if trying prototypes is not your jam still feel…

18: Revolution & Royalty

Happy 4th of July Everyone! We thought it fitting on the day of our independence to have a short chat about our new American Revolution Megagame, The World Turned Upside Down! Expect a lot of Hamilton chat on this one too!