UN:SOC Player Roles

Interested in Urban Nightmare: State of Chaos? Here are the main player roles that are available!

In UN:SOC you will interact with players all over the world! Each megagame location will represent a different state of a fictionalized America. While each state will contend with their own challenges and crisis, they will still have the ability to interact and affect each other. So, for example, Governors of neighboring states will be able to confer with their counterparts – pass on what they have learned, or warn of cross-border threats. Click here for more information on the game itself.

Request your roles when purchasing tickets – act fast, zombies wait for no one!

Team Role What are they trying to do?
Approx. number in team
The News Media The most important players in the game. The media are there to hold everyone to account and report The Truth. The news media operate on both the local level – reflecting how public opinion is shaping up within the state and on the National level – reporting via the internet to the other games in the WAM what is happening.
4 – 7
State Governor and staff Stay in power. Do not look weak or incapable to the voters. Ensure political rivals do not benefit. Ensure campaign contributors do not lose out. Possibly even run for President. Oh yes, and save the State, obviously.
4- 7
State Police / Sheriffs Manage the state’s police units – deploy to cities in need and patrol the territory between cities.
4 – 7
State National Guard The only military force under the control of the Governor. Responsible for the defence and security of the state against all threats.
3 – 5
City Government – The Mayor and staff Each of the five cities has city government roles. The Mayor and his staff will want to stay in power and not look weak or incapable to the voters. They city government takes responsibility for leading the city in time of crisis.
4 – 5 depending on the size of the city
City Police Department Each of the five cities has city police. The Chief of Police will want to keep their job and not look weak or incapable to the voters. The main task of the police is tactical and on the street (map) and aims to protect citizenry and prevent incidental looting and lawlessness.
4 – 10 depending on the size of the city
City Emergency Services Each of the five cities has an emergency services team. This is about fire fighting and hospitals. A very tactical role in the cities. Rescue the injured, contain the infected. Keep the hospitals functioning. Control fires. Without being eaten.
2 – 4 depending on the size of the city
Tech Corporations There are several major technology corporations who will have facilities and interests within the cities and the state. Some of these will in be more than one city. Some will have interests that stretch across the WAM and link activities in different games. The tech corporations do science. Is there a cure? A weapon? What caused this?
3 – 5
ZombieMeisters The brainless leading the mindless. ZombieMeisters are there to add a degree of unexpected to the activities of the undead.
5 – 6
Special Roles Can’t say much about these roles at this stage, but there are a small number specially colourful roleplaying roles that will suit self-starting imaginative players. All we can say is that the weed of crime bears bitter fruit.
2 or 3
Control Team Try to keep order and run the game.
10 -12

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