We Made It! Thanks to You!


San, Ni, Ichi has funded successfully on Kickstarter and these are exciting times! This is a brand new endeavor for us and we are so happy that everyone is along for the ride. As our first foray into the world of game creation we are thrilled to share this adventure with you.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of you from us at Ironmark Games. You got your friends & family to check out the Kickstarter, stayed up with us while we played the game on twitch until 4am and, most importantly, believed that we would make it to the end. And for that we are grateful!

Backers should already have their digital content and Print & Play files in their inboxes. We’ll keep you updated here and on Kickstarter as we get through the next steps towards actually producing the game. For now have fun with the awesome digital goodies.

Thank you again!