Contact Light Arrives Nov. 7th

We are very excited to announce our first foray into the wonderful world of Megagaming with our very own interactive experience, Contact Light. Based in a unique sci-fi setting, this game will charge teams of players with the task of saving their species by finding a new planet to call home.

In Contact Light you will take on the role of a major figure in one of the Great Houses of Humanity as it searches for a new planet where humans may thrive. Each role will be important in the survival of the human race, but not everyone will be interested in the success of your House.

Some players will dangerously traverse the Unexplored Galaxy to find a new planet to call home. Others will be working on the capital planet, Genesis, to organize humanity’s greatest exodus. You’ll negotiate, scheme and plot with 50 other players to ensure the survival of the human race.

The event will be held on November 7th at the First Presbyterian Church in Smithtown. Tickets go on sale August 18th!

What Is A Megagame?

Megagames are real-life board games on a massive scale. More than 50 players will form teams to play out an in-depth, immersive game in an all-day event. Each person will take on an individual role crucial to the success of his or her team. Every decision matters.

Players also get the chance to affect the story of the game with their own ideas and clever solutions. Game Masters, called Control, help players shape the game with their ideas so that each game is a unique experience every time.

Need more info on Megagaming and Contact Light? Check out our shiny new page complete with event details and very attractive FAQ section.


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