21: Summer & Scythe

We’re back! We’re wrapping up summer talking about what we played on our summer hiatus. That’s right, a whole episode that’s only Plays of the Week. Mike could barely contain himself.

Designing Good-Looking Prototypes

When I started designing games my ultimate goal was not publication, but rather to simply make a very polished “production quality” prototype that would be SO GOOD that it would become a staple of our rotation at weekly game meetups.

19: Mods & Made Up Rules

We can’t leave well enough alone with any of our games. So we’re talking about our favorite house rules and game mods. Special Guest Mike Gutman discusses his mod for the Star Trek Deck Building game.

18: Revolution & Royalty

Happy 4th of July Everyone! We thought it fitting on the day of our independence to have a short chat about our new American Revolution Megagame, The World Turned Upside Down! Expect a lot of Hamilton chat on this one too!